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Legendary Landscaping
Buford, GA
The Waters Organization
Duluth, GA
Live Healthy Gwinnett
Lawrenceville, GA
In Touch Ministries
Atlanta, GA
Brannon Family
Braselton, GA
Accent Roofing Service
Lawrenceville, GA
ITV Associates, Inc.
Buford, GA
ITV Associates, Inc.
Buford, GA
Choices Pregnancy Care Center
Gainesville, GA
Garney Companies
Athens, GA, GA

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Oklahoma Baptist University
Shawnee, OK
Hope For The Heart
Plano, TX
Guide Stone
Dallas, TX

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Career Tip of the Day


How canyou do good works when you’re not working and money is tight? Consider the phrase “good works of every kind.” You can always behave with integrity. You can consistently act like someone who has been taught God’s way of doing things. There are plenty of opportunities to do things badly in the job search — failing to call when you say you will, failing to be truthful on your resume, and failing to show up prepared for the interview. You don’t have to be like that. You have the golden opportunity to be excellent at things that most job seekers do badly. Take the challenge to “be an example” and show how Kingdom people handle unemployment!


  • I accept the assignment to be an example to others and to behave with excellence and integrity.
  • I recognize the good works God has given me to do and I do them.
  • I receive the guidance and the power of the Holy Ghost to show me how to be an excellent job seeker..

Word of the Day

And you yourself must be an example to them by doing good works of every kind. Let everything you do reflect the integrity and seriousness of your teaching.

Titus 2:7

By Barb Palmer, Employed for Life

Prayer Network

Laura (0) - 09/26/2023

Please and thank you: prayer request: employment that I can work around my four and five years old schedule. One child only does a half day. I need employment that pays decent to support my children…

Frank (0) - 09/26/2023

I lost my job due to my unsatisfied performance, I do not want it to border me to find a new job, but it have been 50 days now

Jill (0) - 09/26/2023

In need of a steady job . Hopefully as quick as possible. Need unemployment to be fixed on their end. Had a horrible experience with the previous company and just need to move on.

Nancy (0) - 09/24/2023

Pray for Daniel and I. We see each other this year. No more separation but restoration. That he communicates more. We are in different countries. That we will finally get married.

Nancy (1) - 09/24/2023

Pray for Daniel and I please. We live in different countries. Pray that we no longer be separated. He said he will come see me this year. That God opens doors for his flight. No third party or…