Auto Mechanic - Gwinnett County Public Schools

Published on 02/21/2023Gwinnett County Public Schools Transportation - Lawrenceville, GA
$$37,410 - $62,454 per yearFull Time


1.        Perform preventive maintenance services and safety inspections as directed and according to established standards.  a.          Perform maintenance actions listed on the preventive maintenance work order and record labor, parts, and supplies used according to established procedures.  b.          Inspect motor vehicles using inspection checklists and criteria as directed.  c.          Document motor vehicle inspection results and record labor used according to established procedures.  2.        Perform corrective maintenance actions as directed and according to established standards.  a.         Review operator complaint and vehicle maintenance history as appropriate.  b.         Perform routine diagnosis and accomplish repair and/or rebuild actions as directed and in accordance with established procedures.  c.         Document repair actions and results and record labor, parts, and supplies used according to established procedures.  3.        Research technical manuals, service bulletins and instructions, equipment diagrams, and parts catalogs in hard copy and on the internet.  a.         Locate and follow recommended service, diagnostic, repair, installation, removal, and safety procedures.  b.         Determine replacement and substitute parts needed to perform repairs.  4.         Provide and maintain automotive/diesel service technician tool chest and hand tools.  a.         Assume responsibility for equipment, tools, and materials issued for working on motor vehicles.  b.         Obtain and maintain an adequate inventory of serviceable technician provided hand tools as determined by supervisor.  c.         Maintain and account for all special tools, parts, supplies, and equipment issued to the employee.  d.         Clean and store tools promptly after use, and clean the shop bays.  5.        Work assigned shift as directed  a.         Work night shift work hours as directed.  b.         Respond to work requirements any time on any day of the week when assigned to on-call duty.  c.         Be on call for necessary work 24-hours per day, 7 days per week.  6.        Conduct training for private contractors as directed.  7.        Cooperate with and maintain a positive working relationship with all other school system personnel.  a.         Maintain open communications with customers to assist in determining maintenance requirements and explaining maintenance services and repairs to vehicles.  b.         Maintain a positive working relationship with other GCPS employees to promote teamwork and mutual support.  8.         Improve automotive/diesel service technician skills and abilities through in-service training and certification.  9.          Perform other duties as assigned. 


Qualified applicants must hold a High School Diploma or GED and a valid Commercial Driver's License, or CDL Permit.

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